Montreal Review  

"It takes a certain kind of joyful heart to make a good joke about prayer beads, and I was transcendentally tickled, to be sure. The show is an intentional and intricate piece, every moment filled with laughter, wonder, and poetry. And while it hit me in all the right spots, it was accessible to most people not familiar with spiritual paths. While he told stories of his journey and ashram adventure, he did so in a catchy, fun way. He reminded us of the things we inherently know, about our hearts. This is a show to be experienced, not explained"(Dawn McSweeney, Forget the Box (Arts Magazine, Montreal.



“He was excellent, he had the house spellbound.” - Toronto Sun, Ray Conlogue

“Great way to end our series.” - Sault St. Marie concert series

“Best show of our series this year.”  - Haliburton’s over the rainbow series

“A great accomplishment, outstanding performance. With artists such as Tony in the line-up the Markham Theater can enter a new season with pride and confidence." - Markham Theatre, David Scott, Artistic producer

“A resounding success, great response. The Audience were captivated.” - Tweed Performing Arts, Jamie Van Haaften, press

“Tony Molesworth was A refreshing change from the frantic & frenetic. In between his skills of Banjoing & singing, He tells story’s & patter with strings of funny asides in a well-tempered, practiced performance.” - Tom MacKan, Hamilton fringe.

“There is no denying Tony Molesworth performance skills. He knows how to capture the attention of the audience and get them involved. His pleasant personality makes show feels like a party with old friends together in a very enjoyable event, making us believe he is talking to us personally, rather than entertaining them from the stage”. - Ottawa fringe festival review