What They Say About Tony Molesworth  

   “His skills, talent & reputation rank with the best. Tony's the most versatile performer that Canada has produced.” - HOWIE MANDEL

“Truly refreshing and hip the evening was a perfect.”  - Edmonton Sun

 “He’s first rate, I highly recommend this performance, not at all slow.” - Globe & Mail

“He had the house spellbound.”  - Atlantic City press

“Far surpassing expectations.” - The Kitchener Record, Trish Wilson

 “Thanks so much for performing at Blue Sky's festival your show was great. You’re a hot talent." - Blue skies festival, Ken, artistic director

“Your international flair made the event so special for our audiences.”  - Walt Disney World, Steve Hendric

“An Outstanding job hosting and performing on the All-Star Gala.” - Tannens Silver Jubilee



“He was excellent, he had the house spellbound.” - Toronto Sun, Ray Conlogue

“Great way to end our series.” - Sault St. Marie concert series

“Best show of our series this year.”  - Haliburton’s over the rainbow series

“A great accomplishment, outstanding performance. With artists such as Tony in the line-up the Markham Theater can enter a new season with pride and confidence." - Markham Theatre, David Scott, Artistic producer

“A resounding success, great response. The Audience were captivated.” - Tweed Performing Arts, Jamie Van Haaften, press

“Tony Molesworth was A refreshing change from the frantic & frenetic. In between his skills of Banjoing & singing, He tells story’s & patter with strings of funny asides in a well-tempered, practiced performance.” - Tom MacKan, Hamilton fringe.

“There is no denying Tony Molesworth performance skills. He knows how to capture the attention of the audience and get them involved. His pleasant personality makes show feels like a party with old friends together in a very enjoyable event, making us believe he is talking to us personally, rather than entertaining them from the stage”. - Ottawa fringe festival review