What They Say About Tony Molesworth  

 “His skills, talent & reputation rank with the best. Tony's the most versatile performer that Canada has produced.” - HOWIE MANDEL

“Truly refreshing and hip the evening was a perfect.”  - Edmonton Sun

 “He’s first rate, I highly recommend this performance, not at all slow.” - Globe & Mail

“He had the house spellbound.”  - Atlantic City press

“Far surpassing expectations.” - The Kitchener Record, Trish Wilson

“Your international flair made the event so special for our audiences.”  - Walt Disney World, Steve Hendric

“An Outstanding job hosting and performing on the All-Star Gala.” - Tannens Silver Jubilee





“Infectiously funny, the mark of excellence” Orillia Times, Leacock Festival of Humor.


“Pickin n’ Shtick”
by Tony Molesworth
A global Village Idiot production

BAnjoker is a “Ban-joke-a-hloic hip-larious” stand up comedy rollercoaster of 1 liners N funny Banjo.

Tony Is an award winning International touring multi-disciplinary Comedy performer. A has been a regular Comedy Club
feature at the Iconic Pasadena ICE HOUSE, and Yuk Yuks Headliner for over 20 years.

Performing in Prestigious theatres, Las Vegas Casinos Headliner and The Sands & Caesar’s in Atlantic city.
On Cruise ships, touring to many Countries including 3 tours entertaining the Armed Forces.
And over 100 Corporate Shows. (Bell - Honda - I.B.M).

Tony has Hosted shows at Music Festivals, Magic Conventions, Clubs and the Rogers Center.
Opening for Howie Mandel, Weird Al Yankovic, and Sharing stages with stars like Jim Carrey.

His show of Myrth travelled from the Catskills to the Magic Castle to Florida's Disney world.
Performing in Theaters, Universities, Festivals, Concerts & Clubs.

A&E, NBC, hbo, CBC, Global, CTV, CFTO, CHCH TV, City TV, Rogers & YTV.
The Alan Thicke show, Evening at the Improv, Circus, C.B.C Canada spectacular.
& feature voice on animated N.B.C film “Witches night out”.

"Comedy with Class”


Laughing till it hurts Pickin’ N’ Schtick

A riotous entertaing show from Tony Molesworth and his global village idiot productions.
Tony’s engaging smile and easygoing comfortable stage presence had the audience laughing out loud over and over.
If you would like to spend some time being totally entertained and laughing till it hurts, see this show.
Crazy songs, Stand Up Comedy one-liners. He has a strong ability to ad lib and watch the audience reaction as he adjusts his comedy for greatest effect. His banjo picking is quite entertaining.  And a dash of ventriloquism,
It’s the first time I’ve heard Beethoven’s fifth on the Banjo. He delivered hilarious non-stop humor.  PATTI CANNON


A refreshing change.

Tony Molesworth and his Banjo looking like a racquet looking for a tennis ball. Pickin’ n’ shtick. The pickin’ part is his skill with the banjo. And a pretty bit of banjo-playing it is, part of his Patter,  Song and Story’s.  In between banjo-ing and singing, is a strings of jokes and asides in a gentle and self-deprecatory delivery that goes well with the pleasure of his company. His is a well-tempered and practiced performance and he loves to entertain you. Did I tell you how marvelous a juggler he is? You’ll find out. Your system will very much benefit from the time you spend, with a refreshing & fat free Comedy, like the man himself. His infectious smile, welcoming eyes, and big grin. I’d give the show a full complement of stars, so well worth visiting.  TOM MACKAN.



Tony Molesworth is one funny guy; one of those goofy-joke cracking lovable characters that actually manages to string together a full show of one-liners punctuated with banjo tunes, & juggling tricks thrown in to bookend the whole shebang!  Molesworth has an impressive list of top comics that have shared the stage with him including Russel Peters, Howie Mandel and Jim Carrey, and He's been all over TV sharing his unique brand of funnies.
If you're looking for a light-hearted, lift-you-up laugh-fest, Ban-joker’s Pickin n' Shtick is for you!

A twentieth centrury fool with a gift for the gas.

“Tony Molesworth vaudevillian, banjo playing, singing, stand-up comedy, ventriloquism, juggling. There is NO denying his performance skills. He knows how to capture the attention of the audience and get them involved. His pleasant personality makes show feels like a party with old friends together in a very enjoyable event, making us believe  he is talking to us personally, rather than entertaining them from the stage”.